Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sleep Well for Maintaining Good Health

Many scientific studies and researches show that lack of sleep leads to many health disorders. One sleep disorder that affects health is termed Insomnia. There are many factors that lead to this condition. Caffeinated beverages, drugs, stress, psychological disorders, hormonal imbalance etc. are some causes of this disorder. Apart from these causes, another important cause is good posture.

Sometimes insomnia can be cured by maintaining a good posture while sleeping. If you are a victim of this sleep disorder, you should make sure that you sleep on a natural memory foam mattress that supports your body, head, shoulders and neck in proper position for proper blood circulation.

Due to lesser muscle contraction while sleeping, blood circulation decreases to the head and neck. If you sleep on surfaces that support your body contours you create optimum blood flow. For natural sleep alternatives, choose a comfortable mattress and pillow that caters to your sleeping needs.

After years of research, a number of foam mattresses, ergonomic pillows, latex mattresses and other quality cushions are manufactured to prevent and treat insomnia and other sleep related disorders. These mattresses and accessories are skin friendly, anti-allergic, and support body alignment for a better quality sleep.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Why Buy the Original Natural Memory Foam Mattress?

Getting the best sleep is important if you want to have a great day ahead. Good sleeping arrangements can help us have a relaxed and comfortable sleep. Many of you may shy away from buying a new natural memory foam mattress due to the costs. Not all mattresses are the same. The cost is worth it for a lifetime of beautiful, restful sleep.Some even believe that used mattresses or the duplicate foam mattress are comparable to the original ones. This is simply not true.There is also a risk of additional health concerns and problems with the use of used or damaged mattresses. There is also a tendency to go for the synthetic memory foam mattresses which are much cheaper than the natural, memory foam mattress. Remember the natural latexis a lot healthier and guarantees no harmful effects on our health whatsoever.

A high quality natural memory foam mattress helps to keep your family healthy and also ensures a good night’s sleep for them. They can be more relaxed and enjoy their time using the mattress. It is important to know the natural foam not emit any toxins with time. They are a lot safer and one of the most healthy natural sleep alternatives.

You have to choose the right foam mattresses for your family and loved ones. The quality of the mattresses determines your sleeping experience.  

Friday, 25 October 2013

Considerations for Buying the Best Memory Foam Mattress

For a peaceful sleep and a rejuvenating day ahead, you should choose nothing but the best memory foam mattress for you and your family. There are many foam mattresses on the market today and one cannot choose just any mattress fromthe options available. A little research will show you what is right for you.  The use of organic foam mattresses has grown in the recent past due to its positive health effects and reduction of medical conditions arising due to synthetic foam mattresses.

For buying the best memory foam mattress, consider the following and then make the purchase:
Low VOC- be sure that the memory foam mattress is either low in VOC or free of VOC. Volatile organic compounds are harmful to the environment and result in the depletion of the protective ozone layer of our atmosphere.

No unnecessary chemicals – The production of the mattresses need to be done without the use of the unnecessary chemicals.

Use of organic compounds – The use of natural, organic compounds such as latex, plant extracts, water, and organic essential oils are required to ensure that your organic memory foam mattress is absolutely natural and does not emit any harmful toxins when you sleep on it.

Healthy mattresses- Mattresses can be healthy too. They are pressure relieving and cause minimum stress to your spine. A restful sleep ensures you will wake up in the morning without a back ache or grogginess.

Some of the other health factors for consideration for organic memory foam mattress include hypo-allergenic, toxic emission free, proper body support and bed bug resistance. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Go Green with Organic Memory Foam Mattress

Getting a good night’s sleep is not just a desire but a necessity for everyone. After toiling hard for the entire day, it is crucial to have a sound and comfortable sleep. The kind of mattress that you use holds the key to having a comfortable time while sleeping. There are different mattresses available in the market today, made up of different materials; however, it is important to choose the right material that is healthy for your entire family.

Compromising sleep and a comfortable rest can cost you dearly. You can negatively affect a bad back, develop aching bones and even inhale toxins by using the wrong mattress. The use of latex or pure cotton for the production of mattresses will offer you a healthy sleeping experience. Many of us end up buying extra soft and cushiony mattresses without paying much attention to the material used in it. Synthetic materials can lead to inhalation of toxins during sleep. Many harmful toxins are emitted out of the synthetic material especially if new, as it “gasses off”. This can actually take more than a year to complete.  The use of organic memory foam mattress is a healthy choice over other foam mattress in the market. 

There are a variety of factors that are considered during the production of organic memory foam mattress. Some of these include Volatile Organic Compounds, (VOCs), skeletal support, blood flow and a comfortable sleep. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get an eco-friendly as well as healthy foam mattress for you and your loved ones.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Quality Mattress and Health Benefits

Sleep for one night in an uncomfortable position or on a bed that doesn’t support your body alignment, and your back will start aching. If you continue to sleep on poor beds, it can lead to many health problems. Choosing the best memory foam mattress is the solution for preventing sleep related and physiological disorders.

The mattress is considered one of the most important items in a bedroom. It should be a comfortable and high quality piece of furniture that induces a good night’s sleep. There are a variety of mattresses available on the market. You have to choose the one that best suits you. Some of the popular mattress types are; air, futon, spring, coil spring, foam, and memory foam. It is the memory foam mattress that is known to comfort the body as it is manufactured of polyurethane known for its superior density and viscosity. Many people prefer to buy this mattress to enhance their sleeping experience.

The Organic memory foam mattress is the latest addition to the ever increasing list of most comfortable mattresses. It promotes good health as it induces a good night’s sleep. Many people suffer from sleep related disorders as lack of sleep or insomnia can also lead to many diseases. Sleeping on a mattress with an uneven shape can also hamper your sleep. Due to the increasing awareness of body relaxation and good sleep, the organic memory foam mattress has become popular across the world. It supports the alignment of the body compared to the regular mattresses. It also helps the body heal allowing for proper blood circulation and body temperature. These mattresses are anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic in nature that prevents irritation and allergies.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Comfortable Sleeping on a Cozy ViscoElastic Mattress

A good night’s sleep is a must for everybody. With pressure and busy schedules, we tend to neglect sleeping well. This brings trouble and discomfort to the body leading to pain, gastrointestinal problems and other ailments. In order to sleep well, the atmosphere, surroundings and the type of mattress you use also matters a lot.

The Visco elastic memory foammattress is a step towards enhancing the comfort level and supports your body for a comfortable sleep. This foam was developed by NASA in the 1970’s to protect astronauts from the G-forces encountered while the spacecraft takes off. It has recently been commercialized for the bedding foam industry, and has gained a lot of popularity for its various benefits.
Regular mattresses often do not support body alignment and can lead to spinal problems. With the use of Visco elastic Mattress the body pressure is distributed and relieves the stress. In addition, it adjusts body temperature and eliminates pressure to give a comfortable sleep.

If you are looking for such a mattress to comfort your body, you should go online and browse for the companies dealing with inexpensivemattresses. These beds canbe expensive but you might be vigilant enough to strike the best online deal. 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Why should you Use an Organic Mattress?

Choosing a mattress plays a significant role in getting a good night’s sleep. There are many different types of mattresses and you have to choose a mattress that gives you a comfortable sleep. Among the many types of mattresses, one particular product is gaining popularity these days. That is mattresses made of organic substances.


Sleeping on an organic latex mattress has many advantages. It often relieves individuals from body aches, back pain and other sleep related problems. Since an organic mattress is made from natural materials, it is chemical free and proves to be a good buy for all those who suffer from body aches, back pain and skin or respiratory allergies. Synthetic mattresses usually include polyurethane foam that can trigger allergic reactions in some people.

These new mattresses are made of natural latex that prevents dust and other bacteria accumulation. Natural latex mattresses are skin friendly and unlikely to cause allergies or related itching, sneezing and other breathing problems.A good night’s sleep depends mostly on the type of mattress you choose to sleep on. Therefore, you should always purchase a mattress that is comfortable, supports your body structure, and is hypo-allergenic. Choosing an organic latex mattress will definitely help you in enhancing your sleep.

Manufacturers use cotton, latex and other organic substances to make sure that it is chemical free. There are different types of organic latex mattress available in the market. You have to conduct a little bit of research before buying the one that fits your sleeping needs.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Sleep Cycle

The pressures of life, work and family often prevent us from getting not only the proper amount of sleep, but making our way through the different sleep cycles. Sleep isn’t really complete body downtime. While you physically rest your brain and autonomous nervous system goes into an automatic housekeeping phase, kind of like the auto updates features on your phone or computer. This is when some internal maintenance occurs to file new information, like what you learned today. Discard old stuff that you probably won’t need. Well, your brain actually just refiles things not in regular use, you never really discard anything. Without proper hours of restorative sleep you will not be able to function as effectively in anything you do. For most people at bedtime, the previous day’s events are all just jumbled like a pile of laundry. Sleep is the secret that sorts and files all that information for you. Without that sleep time you will find it difficult to learn new things, create something, or communicate effectively. Too little sleep time can actually lead to serious mental issues and physical breakdown.

The good news is you don’t have to choose between being productive and getting enough sleep. Most people find after as few as five days of getting longer restful sleep they are more productive. Their energy levels have risen, and they are getting more done than the week before when they were sleeping less to have more time. It’s a reverse effect. Sleep more be more productive.

Here’s a few tips that you need to get to bed sooner.

You need an alarm clock. You hit the snooze button. Feel foggy, slow to get started. Get sleepy in meetings or warm rooms. Get drowsy when driving. Have a downtime in the afternoon or trouble concentrating. Fall asleep reading or watching TV. Sleep in on weekends.

Get enough sleep and your eyes will pop open in the morning and you will have the energy for a full day.

There is more to sleep than just physical downtime and improving your energy levels.  We go into a series of repeating stages throughout the night. It’s why the time is so important. Coming out of the wrong stage is much harder.

We start at N1 for about five minutes after closed eyes your muscle activity drops and your eyes move slowly in the Transition to Sleep. Here you are easily disturbed or awakened. Until you move into the N2 stage.

In N2, Light sleep, you are entering true sleep for about 10-25 minutes, Eye movement stops, the heart rate slows and body temperature starts to drop. And you move into N3.

Now at N3 you are in deep sleep and will stay at this level for more than an hour. You are difficult to awaken, and if awoken, you will feel groggy and disoriented. You brain waves are very slow as blood is being directed into the muscles for rebuilding and repair and away from your brain.  After this you move into Rem sleep.

REM is the dream sleep. It starts about 70-90 minutes after falling asleep and you start to dream. The blood is now back into your brain and your heart rate and blood pressure have increased. Your eyes are moving back and forth rapidly beneath your eyelids giving this stage its name; Rapid Eye Movement or REM. And at this point, your arms and legs have become paralyzed. But Rem sleep last only a short time, averaging less than 30 minutes. Then the cycle starts again. You move from Rem to N1, N2, N3 to Rem … all night long. Ideally you want to wake up between Rem and N1 that is when you are most refreshed.
The average adult needs 7.5 to 9 hours sleep to get 5-6 complete cycles per night.

If one of the factors keeping you from proper sleep is a bad mattress maybe you should look into a Plasmabed. With a 60 day trial and a 20 year warranty your brain and body will thank you. 

Is It Time To Replace Your Mattress?

Everyone knows how important sleep is. It is part of the natural healing process, allows our minds to clear and even sometimes have those epiphany moments where a problem gets solved. In North America millions of people don’t get enough proper sleep. This is often related to cultural pressures and work related things like deadlines or staff shortages that make individuals have to work harder. The American sleep council notes the average full time office executive gets just 6 hours 55 minutes of sleep on a daily average.  Other life aspects come into play, especially for younger adults and college students who tend to stay out later and consume more alcohol. This lifestyle is very disruptive to sleep patterns. A lot of restless sleep unrelated to cultural factors that effects adults. Is related to older mattresses and poor sleeping positions as a result. We tend to forget that everything has a lifecycle including our beds.

Most beds last 10-15 years, while most people only replace beds after 18- 20 years. That means most of you are sleeping on a bed forfive years after it should have been replaced. If you are not sleeping well and your bed is showing signs of needing replacement, just do it. We spend almost 1/3 of our lives in bed. Why not make sure that time is spent as comfortable as possible. Lumps, sagging and a really heavy mattress indicate it is time for a change. Waking up sore or aching, or even tossing and turning frequently are indications that you are uncomfortable and need a new bed. Lumps or sagging can mean broken or failed coil springs. Compressed areas in foam or a futon. Either of these are not going to help you get a good night’s sleep. A heavy mattress is unfortunately a disgusting fact of life. A bed can double in weight in ten years with of built up skin cells, dust mites, and their feces. These fine particles remain trapped, even with a good vacuuming.

So if you are not sleeping as good as you might be, you mattress is telling you it’s had enough, or you can barely lift it to turn it over, it’s probably time for a new mattress. Consider Plasma bed natural latex foam as a new bed. They are long lasting, come with a 20 year warranty and you can even try one out for 60 days.