Thursday, 3 October 2013

Is It Time To Replace Your Mattress?

Everyone knows how important sleep is. It is part of the natural healing process, allows our minds to clear and even sometimes have those epiphany moments where a problem gets solved. In North America millions of people don’t get enough proper sleep. This is often related to cultural pressures and work related things like deadlines or staff shortages that make individuals have to work harder. The American sleep council notes the average full time office executive gets just 6 hours 55 minutes of sleep on a daily average.  Other life aspects come into play, especially for younger adults and college students who tend to stay out later and consume more alcohol. This lifestyle is very disruptive to sleep patterns. A lot of restless sleep unrelated to cultural factors that effects adults. Is related to older mattresses and poor sleeping positions as a result. We tend to forget that everything has a lifecycle including our beds.

Most beds last 10-15 years, while most people only replace beds after 18- 20 years. That means most of you are sleeping on a bed forfive years after it should have been replaced. If you are not sleeping well and your bed is showing signs of needing replacement, just do it. We spend almost 1/3 of our lives in bed. Why not make sure that time is spent as comfortable as possible. Lumps, sagging and a really heavy mattress indicate it is time for a change. Waking up sore or aching, or even tossing and turning frequently are indications that you are uncomfortable and need a new bed. Lumps or sagging can mean broken or failed coil springs. Compressed areas in foam or a futon. Either of these are not going to help you get a good night’s sleep. A heavy mattress is unfortunately a disgusting fact of life. A bed can double in weight in ten years with of built up skin cells, dust mites, and their feces. These fine particles remain trapped, even with a good vacuuming.

So if you are not sleeping as good as you might be, you mattress is telling you it’s had enough, or you can barely lift it to turn it over, it’s probably time for a new mattress. Consider Plasma bed natural latex foam as a new bed. They are long lasting, come with a 20 year warranty and you can even try one out for 60 days. 

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